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Thanksgiving and Black Friday have gone mobile. Women are driving the web. And Hatchimals, the Nintendo Entertainment System, and Baby Alive will top 2016 holiday gift wish lists. Know the trends that will define the holiday shopping rush. Smartphones have become consumers’ trusted shopping companions. Mobile shopping searches surged in 2015, passing desktop for the […]

A Marketer Guide to Holiday Supershoppers The Internet and e-commerce has led to the rise of a new generation of supershoppers who are very aware of the market, love to research and understand new products and launches, and spend their money often but with care. These high-profile shoppers aren’t easily impressed but when they are, […]

I want to Buy Moments The I-want- to-buy moment isn’t as easy to predict as other micro-moments. People can purchase products spontaneously and impulsively or plan for it for several months before they finally make the decision. When people have made the purchase decision, they will research to decide what and how. You can influence them at this […]

I Want to Do Moments Have you ever encountered a problem that you couldn’t fix? What was your first reaction when you did? In most cases, people simply fetch their smart phones and search possible solutions and other relevant information. This need creates the I-want-to-do micro-moment and you can offer your customers the relevant information […]

One of the most important tools on the mobile platform is the location service. When the service is switched on, your phone knows where you are and offers information relevant to your location. Mobile phone users utilize location services to look for local businesses. When they do, they’re in the I-want-to-go micro-moment and you can […]

People visit the internet because they want information. This information can be anything from celebrity gossip to heavy scholarly articles. Today, people are spoiled for choice, because they have information at their fingertips. They want the knowledge they seek quickly, and are open to the first relevant information they find. You can use this opportunity […]

If you or your business want to develop a digital marketing strategy you must know what is all about micro-moments. Micro-moment. An inten-rich moment when a person turns to a device to act on a need-to know, go, do, or buy. There are 4 game changing moments that really matter. I want-t0-know moments I want-t0-go […]